Friday, March 21, 2014

Macro Photography Workshop

Macro workshop for beginners/intermediate macro photographers.

Other services offered: Nature Trips; Macro Safari/Photo Tour.

Upcoming workshop: 

When : Once a month on Saturday and/or Sunday. Email me to book a date:  orionmystery at gmail dot com)
Where : Kuala Lumpur. Exact location will be disclosed via PM to participants. Distant learning can be arranged for overseas readers too.

Type : 4 types of workshops:
(A) Full Workshop (3 max)
(B) Outdoor Session (3 max)
(C) Group (10 max)
(D) Distant Learning

(A) Full workshop, post processing session included: 
9 am to 12 noon, then Lunch (included), followed by post processing lesson (Photoshop CS5: 1:00 to 3:00pm).

Fee : RM280, minimum two to start. Top up to RM350 if there's only one participant and you want to proceed. Maximum 4 pax only.

What you'll learn:  full flash macro, flash diffusion, useful tips and lots of hands-on. Post Processing tips.

(B) Outdoor session only, no post processing included:
9 am to 12 noon.

Fee: RM180. Minimum two to start. Maximum 5 pax only.

NOTE: If you are not sure whether you really like macro photography and do not want to spend money on gear yet, you can also rent my macro rig for another RM50 - camera, lens, flash and diffuser - all included. 

(C) Group Workshop (maximum 10 pax)

RM1000 if within KL/PJ. For outstation, add RM500 for travel and accommodation.

(D) Distant Learning for those who live overseas. Full support via emails and skype.

You will also be added to my alumni group on Facebook where you can continue to learn, ask questions, post images for feedback.

Payment: bank in/transfer to my MayBank account then PM me. Account # will be PMed to you.)

Prerequisite: participant should preferably have a macro lens, or full set of tubes or a Raynox DCR-250. Feel free to ask me about this if you are not sure. Those who are interested, please PM me your equipment list: camera, macro lens(es), speedlight or dedicated macro flash, tripod.

What you'll learn: natural light macro, full flash macro and flash diffusion, and many other useful tips and lots of hands-on, and finally post processing tips.

Bring your laptop if possible, prefereably with Photoshop CS3/4/5 installed. Lightroom is okay too.

Participants will get to join my facebook alumni group where you are free to post your macro images and ask questions, receive feedback etc.

Since macro is very challenging and highly technical, it's not possible to learn everything in one day. But fret not, you can join my workshop again, anytime, by just recommending your friend to join my workshop. If your friend joins, you can tag along again.

I have a DIY Snoot Diffuser (for 100mm/90mm range. It will fit the SB900 too) and 580EX II to loan to you if are using Canon camera. Only one though so only for the first one who asks for it :)

Things to bring:

- drinking water
- sun hat
- insect repellent. I normally just wear long sleeves shirt and long pants though, crocs shoes and socks. I tuck in my pants so the ants or leeches can't get in. Not all types of socks will work to keep the leeches out. However, no leeches at this location.
- tripod (optional) I will bring mine to demo to you.
- your camera, macro lens and/or dcr250 and/or extension tubes, camera manual (just in case we need to check out some functions)

Diffuser for your reference:

Recommended one:

Quick and easy one

But don't worry as I will loan you my snoot diffuser and the 580EX II (only for the first one to sign up).

Some recommended readings (for registered readers only):

Full flash photography:
Flash exposure compensation:
Natural Light photography:

Don't worry if you have no time to read because I will briefly explain the essence to you during the workshop.

All shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MP-E65 1X-5X macro lens and MT-24EX Twin Flash.

Full flash, MP-E65

Pink Is In series 1/3: IMG_8385 copy

Full Flash, MP-E65

IMG_3814 copy

Full Flash, MP-E65
IMG_6683 copy

Natural light, 150mm.

Theopropus elagans Asian Flower Mantis.....IMG_9310 copy

Full Flash, MP-E65

MPE65 viper portrait.....IMG_8726 copy Tropidoleamus subannulatus

Full Flash, MP-E65

A beautiful centipede.........IMG_1231 copy

Full Flash, MP-E65
IMG_0061 copy

Full Flash, MP-E65, night macro.
Dragonfly portrait...IMG_1477 copy

Natural light. 150mm plus 1.4x extender/teleconverter
IMG_6100 copy

Natural light. 150mm plus 1.4x extender/teleconverter
IMG_6249 copy

Full Flash, MP-E65
IMG_0472 copy